Integrated Management System Policy

HALAL commitment

The ROYAL NATURAL SPAIN Group, constituted by the companies ALISSI BRONTE, S.L. and EURO PER-MANENT COSMETICS, S.L., is specialized in research in the field of biochemistry and international cosmetology, developing for more than 30 years exclusive formulas to create unique and personalized treatments.

In the ROYAL NATURAL SPAIN Group, we understand that the Quality of the product is a right of the client, and as such it must be part of the own style of all the staff and the material that is part of our organization. That is why our products are of the highest quality, since we make them from the best raw materials, always seeking maximum safety in our products and subcontracting the highest quality services, holding the International Quality Certification ISO 9001. Similarly In this way, we ensure the application of HALAL principles to our products and production processes aimed at Muslim customers, so that our customers in these countries can use them with full guarantees of compliance with Islamic standards.

The ROYAL NATURAL SPAIN Group, relates its activity to the preservation and respect for the Environ-ment, we believe that they are two realities that can walk together to achieve a common goal, Sustainable Development, based on continued economic growth, promoting reduction practices , reuse and recycling of waste, as well as responsible consumption of resources, holding the International Environmental Certification ISO 14001.

The ROYAL NATURAL SPAIN Group develops collaboration projects with renowned Universities, Re-search Centers and prestigious Doctors in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Dermatology to obtain new cosmetics with scientifically supported results. The ROYAL NATURAL SPAIN Group, following development guidelines and continuous progress, has certified its production, control, storage and dispatch processes of cosmetic products under the International Standard ISO 22716, on Good Cosmetic Manufacturing Practices. In addition, it uses the best natural ingredients, developing its own Organic Crops certified by the Council for Organic Agriculture.

The ROYAL NATURAL SPAIN Group has developed continuous training programs for more than 40 years aimed at aesthetic professionals, providing exclusive treatments, protocols and rituals. Improve the mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders.

We define our mission and vision as:

             ✓ Ensure the satisfaction of our customers, delivering our products in accordance with the specified requirements.

             ✓ Guarantee full compliance with applicable legislation, current regulations and applicable envi-ronmental and customer requirements, maintaining a conduct of permanent adaptation to them.

             ✓ Establish objectives and goals in accordance with the commitment to continuous improvement of our management system.

             ✓ Protect the Environment through actions, such as efficient use of our resources and measures aimed at preventing any type of contamination.

             ✓ Reaching a leading position in the market thanks to a strategy appropriate to the purpose of the organization and the implementation of actions within the framework of R + D + i that allow us to increase the various types of cosmetics available to our customers, as well as continuously improving their "natural" character.

             ✓ Promote our best asset (workers) through their training, in order to regularly update their knowledge, and integrate and renew our company.

             ✓ Integrate prevention into all the activities of the ROYAL NATURAL SPAIN Group companies, promote an authentic preventive culture or prevent damage and deterioration of the health of our employees.

The ROYAL NATURAL SPAIN Group is committed to making its policy available to all interested parties, so that it is understood and applied at all levels of the organization and by those who work on its behalf.